Welcome to my new website!


A dream I've had for a while has become real….

And I am very excited to share it with you. 

My music has been on the internet for a few years now

in many different music websites

and it is nice to have it all together in one place.

A warm & hearty greeting to each & every visitor to my

new home away from home on the internet!!


This is the place where the action will be

as far as placing my new music

and creating blogs.

I've lots of ideas

& I am looking forward to sharing

it all with you!


If you find yourself daydreaming, meditating, dancing,

wondering, inspired while listening to my music

Then I've done a good job of it.

If you find yourself with a tear in your eye,

or a smile on your face

or with hopeful thoughts,

are comforted or gladdened

Then you know you are real

because you can still feel

& your dreams can come true too!

Then I've done a good job of it.



Fran is a student of life, a student composer of instrumental music in many genres including Classical, Electronic, World, Experimental, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Easy Listening, New Age, Cosmic Soundscapes, Dreamscapes & Dance Music.









Notes… of another kind


Player 1 - my most recent music

and a variety of my other works.


Player 2 is my Reverbnation player

that has more music for your listening pleasure.


There's a flag counter at the bottom of the page

& I will be so delighted to see the different flags

where all my visitors,

friends & fans come from or are visiting.



I hope you will enjoy your visit!


I am delighted to share my music with you

and a few photos & graphic designs

that are throughout this website

and the O'Blog!




Photo by Fran Schultz - Early Spring Sunset-2




Fran Schultz


















Early Spring 2014 Photo by Fran Schultz    Photo by Fran Schultz / Early Spring Sunset 2014



April Sunset / Photo by Fran Schultz